21. Mai 2018

English- and Sports-Camp

On the 23rd of April we travelled to the English Camp in Lachstatt, which is in
Upper Austria.
There we met our native speaker for the week. I was in Raphael’s group. We
learned about the USA and more, did outdoor games and had a campfire.
At the camp we had a leisure area and we played billiard, table tennis, bowling
and squash. There was a fitness studio, too. Moreover, we built rockets and
launched them into the air. On Wednesday evening we had the campfire, where
we roasted marshmallows and sang songs.
The next day we made pancakes with maple and chocolate syrup. We also had
indoor Olympics inside and outside and the team Raphael won all the time.
The best part of the week was the disco in the six flag saloon.


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