21. Juni 2019

English-Sports-Camp 3ab

The 3rd grade was on an English-Sports-Camp from 13th to 17th of May 2019.

On Monday at 8 o’clock we started our three hour drive to Lachstatt near Linz. There we went into our rooms and then we had lunch.

In the mornings we had an English workshop with native speakers. In the workshop we learnt a lot about the US and prepared for a presentation that we gave on the last day.

In the afternoons we did different sports. We played American Football and Lacrosse and we also competed in some “crazy Olympics”.

Our hotel had a nice leisure area where we played bowling, table tennis or billiards in our free time.

There was also a funny western competition in the evenings. In the saloon we milked a funny, self-made cow called Susi, rode foot pumps, used a lasso to catch cones (horses) and had a water shoot-out.

A highlight for a lot of us was the disco-evening which was a lot of fun.

On the last day we could show what we learnt in a quiz about the US.

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