6. November 2018

English Theatre „The Little Prince“

On the 31st of October the 3rd and 4th grades saw an English theatre play called “The Little Prince”. One of the best things was that we could hear English people talking their language.

They were all actors. Their performances were great so it was easy to follow the play. And of course we all knew the play very well from the book and the English lessons.

What I didn’t like at all was that the businessman was performed by a woman.

From my point of view the Little Prince was easy to understand. He spoke slowly and very clearly. But the professor was hard to follow.

The King was the role I liked best because the text of his song was funny.

During the play I felt surprised because the characters didn’t behave like I expected. For example in the book the King was a bit serious but in the theatre play he was very funny.

I didn’t talk to the actors after the play because I was talking to my friends about it.

Here you can find the pictures

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